Monday, August 30, 2010

Ship Life Update

I have been on the MV Explorer for that past 4 days. I have been so busy I have not had anytime to update my blog. The first day I got on the ship I walked straight to my room and my bags were already there. I opened my door and found a letter on my bed from my roommate welcoming me. I knew from right then that we were not going to have any problems at all. Her name is Emma and she is so nice. We kind of never see each other because we are always on the go and are on different time schedules. 


After I was done unpacking, I headed up to the 7th deck to see what was going on. Kayla and Amy were having lunch with some people they had already met. I sat down and we have not had a meal apart. Our group is always together and we are planning trips together. The first night me and this guy named Marcus, decided to sleep up on the top deck. Kayla, Amy, Ed, and Tom tried to, but they did not have a sleeping bag like us. 

So we were the only two that stuck it out the whole night. It was so nice waking up outside. Sleeping outside is definitely on my list to do again. Yesterday we laid out by the pool and just relaxed. We played some cards game and had class. Today we had class then had a break and now we are about to head to class again.  Kayla, Amy and I, are signed up to work out tonight form 9:00pm to 10:30pm. I am so excited to finally start working out again. The seas have been rough but they are calming down now. Nothing like they were the first night, they were horrible! Well I am off to class I will update everyone soon. I love it here!

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