Friday, September 3, 2010

Campus Life

Semester at Sea campus life is amazing! I am having the time of my life. I cannot even explain how amazing this experience really is. Tomorrow we will be arriving in Cadiz,Spain at 8 in the morning. My friends and I will be heading to Seville where we will be staying in a hostel for three nights. We are going to try to go to a bull fight while we are there. After we have done everything we can, we will come back to Cadiz. We will stay on the ship while we are in Cadiz. Today we are going to be charging all of our cameras and packing our bags for our mini trip. We are officially on Spain time! Yay! Finally!

Here is the time change difference
California to Boston= 3 hours
Boston to Canada= 1 hour
1st time change= 1 hour
2nd time change= 1 hour
3rd time change=1 hour
4th time change= 1 hour
Total = 8 hours
I am now 8 hours ahead of you guys. It is so weird! I am glad we do not lose another hour tonight! The time change has been killing me and my friends! I am so excited to get off the ship and be on land and eat good food! We are so tired of the food on the ship and it has only been a week! We are done with class till we get back on the ship from Morocco. Its a ten day break from class. The class schedule is so weird! But I love it.
There is nothing really new. we do not talk about days of the week we refer to days as A1 or B1 or A13 or B13 it is very different. And confusing we are getting use to it though.
My A day schedule looks like this
10:45 Class
free time
12:00 lunch
1:00 to 3:00 Gym
free time
6:00 Dinner
free time
My B day schedule looks like this
8:00 class
9:30 Class
Free time
free time
2:55 class
free time
6:00 dinner
free time
We do a lot of studying laying out by the pool and doing it in groups. Tonight we have a preport meeting to tell us all the important stuff about Spain. I will be writing on my blog when I return back on the ship form Spain!

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