Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well to say the least, this country was amazing!  After we docked in Cadiz and the ship cleared customs, we headed straight to the train station. We were headed to Seville. It was 100 degrees and we had no idea where we were heading after we got off the train. So after walking for what seemed like hours we found our hostile. My mom had me scared to death of what I may be staying in, however, I was pleasantly surprised. It was clean and actually quite cute. The fun part was seven of us staying in a room designed for 4. It made it fun and for 40 euros for the three nights it was the best deal in town.
 So my next big adventure was the Bullfight! First off, I know this is a big Spanish cultural event, however I will never attend one again! With that being said, it was something I am glad I experienced in the way of learning more about the Spanish culture. I am still not sure how I feel that I paid to watch 6 bulls be killed. One bullfight consists of 6 bulls dieing. HORRIBLE!!!!Needless to say, we left after 3. Honestly, 1 would have been enough. During the bullfight you are not allowed to get up for any reason.....Yes, even the restroom. I did find out that the meat is sold. At least it is not a wasteful death, but they make money on us paying to watch them be killed and then again on the meat.....I am not so sure about how "Cultural" this all is. LOL I won't post the gruesome picture.
The nightlife in Spain proved to be as lively as the rumors I had heard. We spent most nights in the bars. One key it of information is credit cards are not accepted at almost ALL places, nor do all banks exchange the American dollar for Euros. (Very different then Europe) So between all of us borrowing money back and forth and trying to make sure we had enough for the train ride back to Cadiz, we made it with no Euros to spare!

The next day we headed to Cordoba, and spent the day walking around and exploring the city. A lot of  religious artifacts.

We head back to Cadiz for a night out for my birthday! Before we headed out in the evening we went to the beach. Surprise to us it was a nude beach! Even the children were walking around in thongs and no tops. My friends and I have decided we need to write a book, we have so many crazy stories already. Now for my birthday, which, any of you that know me, know that this is always an annual event that is not to be forgotten! LOL Well, needless to say I think I am the one that may have forgotten the nights events. Thanks to Ed and Kayla for seeing me back to the ship and putting me to bed. :) I did return to the ship and managed to stay out of that was a good thing.

We are off to Morocco tonight and we will be arriving tomorrow so we have an extra day there! Very excited for my Camel trek and camping with the nomads. So, until I get better wi-fi there will not be many pictures. My mom is trying to deal with this but is having a hard time :)

Here is one last picture of some of the group I was traveling with!

I love everyone at home and will talk to you after Morocco!


  1. YEAH...finally a blog that I can enjoy. Thx for the update Kenz! Glad you enljoyed your first country!

  2. Love your blog. Happy to hear you had a great Birthday. We thought you would need a lot of cakes for all your new friends. LOL!
    Can't wait for your next adventure. Hugs N