Thursday, September 9, 2010

Casablanca, Morocco

I am not sure where to start on this country. Nothing like Spain, that's for sure. When we got off the ship we took a bus into the city. We exchanged some money for derm and headed to find food. We found a true Moroccan restaurant. They even had Hookah to smoke while we ate. The food was fabulous. Our total bill in the end was 1,028 derm which is 117.02 USD. Kind of an expensive meal. After we finished  we headed to a marketplace. People had dyed baby chicks blue, pink, green and were selling them.


I am still not sure what I would need a dyed chick for?? Amy and I thought her bag was being stolen by this woman that grab it and when I pushed her away she grabbed mine. I was a bit scared to say the least, but her English speaking husband approached and said she was trying to tell Amy to wear it in the front. Hmmmmm, nice cover or truly a nice couple?
From there I was just in amazement at the women sitting around and breastfeeding their children, children of all ages. Many, many children approaching us for money. There was lots of food for sale, breads, meat, fruit and flies were everywhere on it. There was lots of name brand clothes, like Ed Hardy, Burberry, and hats, purses, jewelry, shoes and henna tattoos. A lady grabbed my hand and started doing a henna tattoo, so needless to say I am out 30 derm. However, I felt like a bargainer, she wanted 40 derm and I said no 30 derm and she agreed but as I was trying to my money out of my "safe place" in my pants, she started grabbing it. LOL Oh well, it was worth the experience. Taking pictures here is difficult. A lot of the time it is not acceptable. I have to make sure to ask the mans permission and even then they do not want it. People will come up to you and tell you not to take any picture. I am still in amazement at what a different lifestyle it is here.
We are just happy we have survived our shopping experience no thanks to the motor scooters going 25mph straight through the marketplace, that is crowded with people.

Anyways, hopefully I will get some pictures. As for tomorrow, we are not sure but on the 11th I am heading to Marrakesh to stay in a hostel then on the 12th I am going on a Camel trek through the Sahara Desert and camping with the Nomads.  I am sure I will get some pics of that.

Love you all and I will check back soon!

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