Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 hours until we dock in Ghana

A few quick updates-We are scheduled to arrive in Ghana at 5:30 am and I am meeting some friends on deck to watch the sunrise and watch us pull into port. It has been a very rough ride this past week. We were caught in a storm and today I found out our stabilizers are broken. They  can not e fixed in Ghana so we will have to wait until Cape Town, which means more rough seas ahead! LOL
Emma and I will be going on the city orientation tour when we dock. This way we can see some highlights of Ghana before we take off on our own.

We have now raised 600.00 and collected 50 pairs of shoes. The used shoes will be put into storage so as new kids come in or these kids grow out of their shoes they can pick from these. Emma and I will be going to the orphanage to meet the children and figure out what sizes each child needs. We will then go to the marketplace and we are purchasing a brand new pair of shoes for each child. YAYYYY!!! We are so excited to give every child in the orphanage a brand new pair of shoes. I can not tell you what a great feeling this is. I am already worried about saying good-bye to these kids.

My safari has been canceled due to lack of participation, however I am not sad at all. It gives me more time to spend at the orphanage and that I am EXCITED for!

One of the staff members got bit by a monkey and she is fine, but she had to spend a lot of money on the rabies shots and what not. Someone has had malaria on the ship, they got it in Morocco.  They also are fine and have been treated on the ship. 

Here is a little funny note: 

So you will never guess what people ask the deans all the time!
Here is the question and no I DID NOT ASK THIS! LOL

Do the crew members sleep on-board?

Sounds like a Mackenzie question from the past, but not anymore!! ;) (hopefully) 

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