Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa in 24 hours

Another small change in my plans, flexibility is key on this type of adventure!

The next stop on my adventure is Takoradi , Ghana, West Africa. I will be arriving on the 22nd and will stay until the 25th. Emma and I have been hard at work collecting donations of shoes and cash. We have collected 50 pairs of shoes and $450.00 in cash. We will be buying underwear and bras with the extra money. 
When I get into Ghana, I will be meeting up with Fredrick, he is a local that I have met through Facebook and he does tours. Several of us have been talking to him over the past year and have talked with other students that have been on his tours. He will be taking us on a safari for a couple nights. I was also going to walk on top of the Canopy trees, but instead I am going to take that last day to go to the Egyam Orphanage. The numerical strength of the orphanage stands at 54 children, made up of 19 girls and 35 boys. The ages range from 4yrs to 16 years old.
As it turned out I am the group leader for the safari and do not want to leave my group hanging so I will not be doing the three days at this orphanage, however I have several service based projects scheduled when I reach Cape Town, South Africa. I will fill you in more on those when I arrive. 
Last night I went to a sustainability panel. There were a lot of questions and answers that were extremely interesting, it really made you think about how each of us is making an impact on the earth and where humans will be in the long run. For my younger family members here is a link to learn what sustainability is: Sustainability 
I have already been making small changes in my lifestyle. I am trying not to waste water like I have my whole life. I never could understand how one person can make a difference, but you can.  I turn off the water while I brush my teeth, shave my legs and soap my hair and body. It is kind of weird but I am getting used to it. I also do not dump out the remaining water in my water bottles when it gets hot , I just drink it anyways. I am just thankful I have something to drink!
Today I attended an explorer seminar about Ghana Culture and tomorrow I will be attending the Logistical Pre-Port meeting. A lot of information is learned in these meetings. I am finding them to be extremely informative and educational.
Tomorrow night I will be having dinner with my "extended family", Katie and Dan (Parents), and Cody (Brother). After our Ghana adventures, we will be playing ham chunk with three other "extended families" Several of the "parents" are faculty members. Everyday I meet more people, it is crazy!
After seeing the little bit I have seen in the way of other peoples lives, I am so beyond fortunate I can not even begin to express my feelings. Everyone of you reading this, no matter if you have tons of money or struggle from payday to payday, you are still more fortunate then the people I am meeting in these countries. When we leave our homes we struggle with WHICH pair of shoes we are going to wear and these children worry if they even have a pair to put on. 

I do not know what the internet situation will be in Ghana, so if you do not hear from me, do not worry, I will post when I am back on the ship!

Until then, I love everyone and can not wait to share this next chapter with you!


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  1. You are Fabulous. Just think of the good you are doing. So excited to hear about your visit to the orphanage. Will be nothing like the daycare at home.
    Sounds like your really getting involved in some really interesting projects. You'll be great in all you do. Love you N