Monday, September 27, 2010


Rumors were swarming about what was going to happen on Neptune Day. So Emma and I thought we would stay a step ahead and wake up early so that we were not alarmed by air horns or anything else. We got up at 5:00 and there was no activity on the ship so we went back to bed. At 6:50 we headed up to breakfast and there was still not a sole around. We were very anxious to figure out what the activities were going to be. Around 8:00am we heard drums eating in the halls, and then banging on the doors, it was the faculty dressed up and the start of the activities.

Over the loudspeaker all polliwogs were told to report to deck 7. Once up there we listened to a speech and then they began to pour fish guts on our heads. Initially, I was not going to participate and after Emma and our RA did it, I decided why not? So I went up there and it smelled horrible, the local dump would have smelled like a rose garden in comparison. Over my head went the horrible mixture of fish guts, I ran from there to the pool and jumped in. Forgetting that the pool on the ship was salt water, and there was already a lot of fish guts in it from the people in front of me, I thought I was going to get sick! I hurried out of there and kissed a huge dead fish. I was really grossed out! Then I ran to kiss the king and queens ring. I was finally done and officially not a polliwog anymore. I am officially an Emerald Shellback.
Emma and I ran for our room to shower. I jumped in clothes and all. After we were cleaned up we went back upstairs to see who was getting their heads shaved. That was the option if you did not do the fish guts. After almost 2 years of growing my hair out, my only choice was the fish guts. So many girls were shaving their heads, I could not believe it! It was starting to get kind of late and Emma and I had to study for a test we had at 7:30 that evening, so we went to our room to study.

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