Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today was my last day at the orphanage, however, this was just my first time here! I will be returning, but with lots of toys and necessities for the children. There is a guest room at the orphanage that has never been used. I would like to bring back toys and a jungle gym. Yes, I have a bit of research to do to figure that one out. Where there is a will there's a way! 

Today was amazing! When I arrived, the three girls that I have bonded with, ran up to me, they were so excited  I was back.

Agnes was straight out of the shower, sopping wet and still had soap dripping down her legs. LOL Some of the kids must have told here I was there. So, she just threw on a dress and ran out to hug me! We brought more paper, some crayons, balloons, and suckers. They had about four suckers each today! They really wanted us to go back to their school with them, so we walked up there and visited. When we returned it was lunch time. They had soup, one piece of chicken and dough. Agnes offered me some and said she invites me to eat. I had to explain to her that the ship does not allow us to eat in ports, it was a rule. They all eat with their hands, even their soup. Hannah got creative and used a chicken bone as a spoon. It was crazy watching them eat, their was not anything left on the chicken bones. I think after I eat a piece of bone in chicken, there must be a whole meal left on the bone. I didn't even know all of that was edible. LOL

I started getting sad because I knew the end of our  visit was approaching and I did not want to say goodbye. When it was time to go, they started hugging me and asking me to please come back for them, or at least come and visit.

I could not even answer because my throat was hurting from trying to hold back my tears. I knew as soon as I opened my mouth I would start to cry. I did not want to leave them with an image of me crying. All the sudden Agnes started crying and that was it, I was in tears! Leaving there was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

I know this is a place I will for sure return to!


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