Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/7 & 10/8

Today is October 7th and I got up at 6:30 had breakfast and headed over to the mall to upload more pictures and try to Skype some people, but nobody answered =(
I felt so loved, NOT JK! I am heading to the orphanage at1:00. I bought some more little toys, clay, markers, paper, and candy for them!

Today is not what I had hoped and expected. Well..... The SAS field program today was HORRIBLE! I do not know what I paid 73 dollars for and why I wasted my second to last day doing this field program! I will be complaining to the field office. I am very disappointed. I am really really mad that I wasted 73 dollars but the fact that I could have went shark diving or went and saw the penguin colony or done a day safari, was a bigger deal to me. I just wanted to interact with the kids. That is all I wanted to do. The orphanage was 45 minutes away. That would not have been a problem if we would have had more time, but the trips hours were from1:30 to 5:45. We spent 30 minutes at the orphanage and that was it. We barley were able to interact with the children.
The Orphanage itself had a great set up. There were these houses and they called them Clusters. There was one worker per cluster. They call her the mom. The moms would each have 9 kids. It was a really cozy feeling. There was a sitting area, a kitchen, and two to three bedrooms. The infant center had over 30 babies in it with only three workers. There were pack n plays all lined up in the bedrooms with babies laying in them. It kind of reminded me of a nursery in the hospital back in the day. Then we headed over to this field were I thought we would play soccer with kids...there were no kids, it was just other SAS students...... it was so stupid. Then we headed for the bikes and all of the bikes were to big for me so I couldn't even ride a bike. The people that did ride the bikes said they did not even go through the township.
I am not going to continue boring you with my horrible day. Tomorrow I have an operation hunger ticket but I decided not to go because I have heard that it was a waste of time and we did not even feed kids. I have decided to go to the green market and hang around town and have a more relaxing day! I will be getting a good nights rest tonight! I need it. I have had a really really busy week. I also need to start working on homework tomorrow. I will probably get on the ship way before on ship time so I can take a nap before I start my homework. I will talk to you guys soon. Sorry to bore you with a disappointing blog!

Today is the last day in Cape Town, South Africa. I am sad to leave this port but not as sad as I was leaving Ghana. I still think Ghana has my heart in a very special way, but the thing is, each of these ports have captured my heart in different ways. I will never be able to say such and such was my favorite country. I am glad I will not be able to say that. So please don't ask me what my favorite country was, because the answer will be all of them!
Emma and I slept in till 8:00. This was not intentional, I originally set my alarm for 7:15, but I kept pushing the snooze button. The funny thing is, the only reason we got out of bed at 8:00 was because we wanted to make breakfast. When I got up, I was itching like crazy all over my body! My legs, stomach, arms, and feet it was crazy. I looked down on my legs and there were bumps everywhere. They kept on appearing while we were eating breakfast. I decided to take some Benadryl and put itching cream on them. I thought it would be smart to go talk to one of the nurses. They said, “they just look like some type of bug bite and to do exactly what I had already done and come back to see them if they get worse or if they are not gone in 48 hours. We threw on sweats and headed up to deck 5 to grab a quick bit to eat.  We grabbed a cab for 60 rand and went to the Green Market and Long Street. The Green Market was cool. It was a lot of the same stuff that all the other markets sell. There was this neckless that is made out of recycled paper. It was really unique. We decided we wanted to walk back to the Waterfront because it was such a gorgeous day. It was not to cold and not to hot and there was this perfect breeze. We went through the craft market again and then got back on the ship. We waited for Emma's computer to charge. We wanted to come to the mall and work on homework and grab our last lunch and coffee in South Africa before we boarded the ship for good. Today’s on ship time is 6:00pm. I have so much homework and studying to do I am going to head back to the ship around 3:30. I also want to buy a book from the book store because I am almost finished with mine. I think I have began to enjoy reading! I love to go through bookstores now! So strange, me liking to read? Weird.
We are going to spend our last few rands at the grocery store to stock up on some snacky foods!

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