Thursday, October 14, 2010

At Sea 10/13/10

Time at sea has been okay but not the best. The last 5 days I spent a lot of time working on homework, writing papers, and studying for mid terms. The first day back at sea was a reading day. I spent a lot of time catching up on sleep and working on homework assignments. Mid terms went well and I am all caught up on work and most important sleep! I also started a second book and am already finished with it. I only have one other book I bought in South Africa, I did not realize I was going to read through two books so fast!  I normally hate to read. But, I have feel in love with the serious of L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad. Now I have to wait till I get home in December to buy the third book because it does not come out until sometime this month and I will not be in anymore ports that would have an English copy. Hopefully, I can get it in Hawaii and read it on the beach!
After dinner a group of friends and I walked outside to watch the breathtaking sunset. OH MY it was so beautiful!!! The sky was filled with a hot pinkish reddish color from the sun. It was gorgeous. Then we headed up to the 7th deck and right when I stepped up on the last step I looked to the left and I saw land!!!! We were passing Reunion Island, as I type this blog we will be able to see an active volcano.
Tomorrow we will be docking at 8:00am! This is our "Spring Break"!!!! We are all so excited! We cannot wait! We have been looking at pictures and oh my it is gorgeous. If you guys have time you guys should look up some pictures! I am off to finish listening to pre- port, finish my amazing book and then off to bed to get some good rest.  I am sure we will not be sleeping much while we are in Mauritius, since we are only here for two days! :(

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