Monday, November 22, 2010

Shanghai, China 11/13/10-11/16/10

Today, we got up at 7:45, got ready, headed to a coffee shop and had breakfast and of course use the wifi. I am like a little wifi freak. I love finding free wifi places and I love using them! We decided to not go to touristy areas and go down streets that looked like everyday Chinese life. This was the best decision! We saw clothes just hanging outside of people’s homes. The people’s underwear and bras were just out in the streets for everyone to see. Sometimes there were clothes on signal lights with no houses around. I guess they must not have had a place to put their laundry. LOL We tried to go to a museum and we followed the signs but it was not a museum like we thought it was going to be. We went to a market and spent some time in there. We also found this cute little girly store on one of the side streets. We were having so much fun going through all of the Chinese toys and trying to see what they were. We walked around Bund Street and were asked repeatedly if we wanted purses, watches and UGGs. We kept telling them no because we already had all of our stuff and we did not need anymore. Today was a relaxing day, we just enjoyed taking in what Shanghai had to offer. We also did some people watching.

Just an interesting thing I noticed. On their motorcycles there are built in gloves that are already gripped around the handles and you jut slip your hands in them and go. I thought it was really cool and I really liked them a lot!

Also, all of the Chinese people just spit everywhere and blow their nose in public. Not in a tissue, just plug one side of the nose and blow and then do the next one. It is so disgusting. Also, you can pee anywhere you would like. I saw three taxi drivers peeing on the freeway in a row. There were always men just peeing anywhere. I would round the corner and a guy was peeing. SO GROSS!!!!! I am glad it is not like that in America. China did smell bad in some of the places, but I think it is from all of the people using outside as a public restroom.

I have also discovered that Americans are the only people that worry about their teeth.

In some of the other countries, when I would cross the street, they would move around me, but in China that is not the case. They continue moving forward and in the same direction they were going and will not veer off their path. So you better watch out or you will be hit!

Traffic was not chaotic here at all. This was very nice. I never felt unsafe and I always felt like they did not mind that I was visiting their country. Unlike some of the other countries, I felt like they did not want us there.

Overall I liked China a lot and wish I would have had more time in all three of the places. It was not enough time at all.  I felt like that for all of the countries except Morocco.

The Bund: This famous waterfront has been Shanghai’s center since the mid 1800’s. It offers a taste of the past with the colonial structures along the promenade and a view of the future across the river in Pudong.

After I got back on the ship for good, I took my laptop upstairs on deck seven and wrote my blog while I was enjoying the glimmering skyscrapers. It was so peaceful, I loved it! I got blisters from last night and they are huge and are on both of my arches and the backs of my heels. They are from my black leather boots I bought and it did not help that I walked around all day. I kept limping around the city! I looked like a fool, but I was in pain. I still cannot walk normally and they are getting bigger, they are going to hurt so bad when they pop! Urgh! I hope they are better when we arrive in Japan in two days! We are in Japan for 5 days and then have 10 days at sea and then we are in Hawaii for four days and have 6 days at sea and on the 7th day we arrive in San Diego!!!! The trip has definitely gone fast at some parts, and slow on others. I am sad we only have one more country and in a week we will be done, but at the same time I am so beyond happy to get home. This is a very long time for me to be away from home. Tomorrow I am getting my roots done for the first time since August! I am so excited! I have almost two inch roots! I have never had that, ever! The next two days are just class days; I will be working on homework and catching up on reading. I keep getting side tracked with my other books and need to be reading my school books. Whoops! Well, I will be writing a blog in a week for Japan!

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