Thursday, November 4, 2010

SINGAPORE 10/31-11/1

Singapore is a first world country so most of the things I saw seemed normal to me. However Singapore laws are crazy strict! If you are bored one day you should really look up their laws. This country was very orderly, unlike all of the other countries, which were complete chaos.
        I really enjoyed this country. It was a nice break from all of the poverty I have been witnessing.  I really used this as a “ME” port. The first day Emma, Leah, Carren and I went shopping at the mall. It was really cool finding a Forever 21 in Singapore. We decided to eat lunch in the food court; I even found chicken & rice. It was okay, but the chicken was cold and there was not much flavor. After lunch we did so more shopping and then went back to the ship to start getting ready for the Singapore flyer.The Singapore flyer was so amazing, it was huge.

Our friend Celeste had bought tickets before we even got on the ship. She ended up not selling them all. None of the capsules were full. We were supposed to have 10 in ours and it was only us four. The table setting was very elegant and the courses were very nice. They looked to pretty to eat. The view was incredible.

Looking at the city from the ferris wheel was breath taking. I really enjoyed getting dressed up with the girls because for the most part we are in sweats or sweating!

        On November 1st we got up early and got a coffee and then headed to Santosa. Our cab driver did not know what we were talking about when we asked him to take us to the Merlion. I thought this was really funny because all cab drivers have to be born in Singapore and be a Singapore Citizen. We made it to Santosa and he asked the gate guard where the Merlion was. She said take your first right and after two round a bout take a left. He took a left and then went to two round a bouts and too another left. Then he asked a guy for directions and he told him to go back to the gate and keep going straight and then make a left after the second round a bout. He started going off I hate Santosa and I hate this part of town and I hate when people give me wrong directions and on and on and on. It was humorous to me because I thought you had to be from Singapore so the cab driver would know how to get around but unfortunately, that still does not help. He was so mad he got the wrong directions when he got the right directions and he just did not follow them. WHOOPS!

We ended up finding the Merlion but it was closed so we started taking pictures around the area and then headed inside this resort to find a breakfast place. We ended up not finding a resort; it was more like a resort world. There were so many stories and hotels and things to do. There was even a Universal Studios. I think it would be really fun to come here for a family vacation. I did not get to see everything that this country had to offer. I feel you would need a good two weeks to see everything. I also was told that in about a year a water park will be open. We found this candy store and started taking pictures with the life size displays outside.
The kid side of us was coming out. The store finally opened, but the candy was so expensive we decided to pass. We headed back to the Merlion. The Merlion was really cool, we watch a video on how the Merlion came about. We got a lucky coin at the entry gate and deposited it in the lion’s mouth. A lucky ticket came out and I had to redeem my prize at the gift shop. We first went to the Merlions head and looked out from there. We could see our ship and much of the country from it. The beaches looked beautiful. This made me wish we could have stayed longer. We had a service visit so we took the tram back. At this point Emma and Carren were not feeling well and then I started not to feel well. We headed back to the ship and were grabbing our service visit tickets when we realized that all the service visits for the rest of the day had been cancelled. We were sad, but also it was nice because we all three were feeling sick. We decided to grab our computers and go to a Starbucks and get some Wifi. I was so happy I was able to talk to my family and send some pictures. Emma got her Bubble Tea that she loved and we grabbed a few things to spend our left over dollars on and then headed back to the ship.

        This port went by extremely fast and we did not have time to do much. I barely had time to get post cards sent out. So I apologize in advanced for the messy post cards.
        Today was a reading day!!!! It was the best reading day ever!!!!!!! I went to bed at 6:30pm last night and woke up at 11:00am. I had to go meet with my professor real quick to let him know what topic I would like to write about for my fetal development class. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went back to my room to take a quick nap and I did not wake up till 4:30pm. Emma and I did not realize how tired we actually were. We needed this day to recoup. We cleaned our room and got things organized. I got up to start working on homework and I got sea sick all of a sudden. I never get sea sick. It was really weird and I still feel a little blahhh..  I took a shower and did some laundry and started to feel better! I am pleased to announce that I have still done all of my laundry by hand and same with Emma! Thanks to my dad for his amazing clothes line that he needs to patten for the SAS store.

        Tonight we had pre-port. We will be in Viet Nam tomorrow.  Emma and I are getting up at 5:15 to watch the sunrise and also see land on both sides of us as we make it up the Mekong River.
        I will be going to the Cu Chi Tunnels and Cambodia. I am excited but do not know what to expect emotionally. I cannot believe it has only been one day and I am almost going to be docked in Vietnam! This trip blows my mind. We also gained an hour last night so I am now 14 hours ahead of the West Coast.
        I just wanted to mention and ask for your prayers. There is a girl, Genna, which used to live a few doors down from me in my hall.  She has the worst strand of malaria and has been in the ICU in India. Her parents are with her, but almost all of her organs have shut down and then started to work again, but her lungs have shut down and she has to wear a mask that just pushes oxygen in her all the time. There is no TV in her room and she is not a fan of India food. When she was leaving the ship she told Dean Sue I will meet you guys in Vietnam. Unfortunately, that is not the case and it looks like she will not be joining us at all. I ask for your prayers for her and her family, they really need them!
        On a better note, I love you guys all and I will be home in less than 6 weeks! =)

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