Tuesday, November 9, 2010

VIETNAM 11/4/2010

Nothing big was planned for today except calling my mom! Emma left for her service project and I headed to the hotel to use the wi-fi, I wanted to talk to my family really bad. Seeing all the parents on the ship was really bothering me. After my fabulous three hour conversation with my mom, Emma arrived and we headed for lunch. 

We made it quick so we had plenty of time to explore the inside market. I loved the market, so many brand names and they had clothing, shoes, perfume, luggage, and purses. 

I wanted everything in there! After my third trip to the ATM and withdrawing 2 million dong, which is only 100 American, Emma put me on restriction. LOL
It was so much fun shopping here other then how they rush you. I would be trying to think and they are throwing stuff in bags.

I get so flustered and then there is Emma. She does not let it bother her at all. She just takes her time. I find it hilarious! They are trying to bag up purses for her and she is like no, actually I don't think I like that one; hold on I am still thinking. The worker is like no this one is nice you have this one; Emma is like no I do not want that one. This goes on for a good 20 minutes, I love it!
That night I decided I did not want to eat off the ship, so I eat on the ship and then just went to the hotel to do some research for my classes. I came back and started to pack my things for Cambodia. I was leaving in the morning and wanted to be

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